Beauty Tips for Bedtime


So have you had a busy day and have not been able to follow your beauty regime for the day? There is nothing to worry about.

Now not only can you take care of your skin while sleeping, but also the method is so effective that you will not have to do much extra during the day.

Beauty sleep is a concept that you will be aware of. If not, then this is the sleep which helps your body  repair itself and help your skin and yourself rejuvenate by the time you wake up.

When you have a relaxed sleep, the metabolism slows down and the body relaxes while the worn and dead cells are replaced by new ones. If your sleep is deep, then you will remain inert for a long time which helps all the body muscles to relax. This kind of sleep can be achieved in a variety of manners.

First of all, you need to have your meal at least three hours before your sleep time. This will help the food to reach the digestive stage where your sleep will not be disrupted.

You should have a warm shower that will allow your muscles to relax. After the shower, get into the most relaxing clothes and then try these methods before you go to sleep:

Moisturize the body thoroughly. Use an aromatic lotion on the arms and legs and choose an essence that you like the most. Aromatherapy coupled with the moisturizer will keep the skin hydrated and you will smell the fragrances that will soothe your mind. Not only will you sleep easy, but also your skin will be nourished without any ill effects of weather, sun, wind or sweat.

There is another crash beauty treatment that you can follow in case you are too exhausted to go for the above treatment. Wash your face for 2 full minutes and use a mild soap or a face wash to do it thoroughly.

Apply eye cream properly on both the eyes and then apply moisturizer on the face and the neck. Brush your teeth and then if you have to, put your hair in curls or nightcap. Hit the sack and feel beautiful in the morning.

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