Beauty Products and Harmful Chemicals

How often have you purchased best beauty product influenced by TV commercials with stunning models showing up their beautiful skin and silky hair? And did you find all these beauty products as good as they were shown in the TV commercials? A big NO is the answer that comes up in most cases.

To speak the truth, most of these highly advertised beauty products usually contain some harmful chemicals which can cause irreparable damage to your skin upon prolonged use. When you buy any beauty products, do read about the composition on the pack to ensure that it does not contain any of the below mentioned chemicals.

SLS/SDS is one such harmful chemical which you may find written as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate are sodium dodecyl sulphate. It’s fine if used in your floor cleaners and detergents, but when they’re found in shampoos and bubble baths it’s definitely dangerous. Just imagine what will happen to your skin when you apply beauty products containing chemicals that are used to clean the clothes or the hard flooring.

This harsh chemical will take away the moisture from your skin and leave it dry and irritated and highly prone to skin problems such as dermatitis and acne. The worst part of this chemical is that it can turn into a carcinogenic compound upon combining with some of the commonly used chemicals found in beauty products.

When you were in school, you must have come across formalin, a chemical used as a preservative. Well sadly, while it is good to preserve animal specimens in museums and labs, it has got some damaging effect for your skin with early signs being a burning sensation and irritated skin. Formalin or formaldehyde figures quite often in the composition of nail paints, shampoos and facial creams.

Some more chemicals that you need to watch out for are alcohol and talc which again cause skin dehydration and irritation. While alcohol is commonly found in hair gels, body lotions, after-shaves, cologne and certain hair colors, talc that is magnesium silicate is found in foundations, baby powder and blushes.

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Sidharth Thakur