Beautiful Eye Lashes With A Touch Of Mascara

eyelashes With the right kind of eye makeup, you can make your eyes do more of the talking and expressing, when your tongue fails to put feelings into words.

Eyes are the centerpiece of facial beauty, and thanks to some of the wonderful developments in modern makeup tips you can now enhance the beauty of your eyes with things such as eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelash extenders and the overly popular eye mascara.

Eyeliner and mascara are the most popular eye cosmetics used by a lot many women. We’ve dedicated this little piece of writing to the proper use of mascara, to help you accentuate the natural magnificence of your eyes with this wonderful eye cosmetic.

The purpose of mascara

Mascara is essentially used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the eyes by working on the eyelashes. The mascara does a twofold job, firstly it elongates the lashes and secondly it makes them stick out and become more prominent.

The application

Apply mascara to your eyelashes is quite a simple feat. But before you apply mascara to your eyelashes, curl them up nicely using an eyelash curler as this produces a far more pleasing effect. You might have to leave the eyelash curler on your eyelashes for two to three minutes to get stiff curls that would stay in shape for a longer period of time. After removing the curler, wait for a minute before you start applying the mascara.

When applying mascara, do so with a sturdy hand or else you might cause damage to your eyes. Sit down comfortably in front of a mirror at an angle where you can easily see the reflection of your eyelashes clearly.

Some precautions

Don’t ever share your eye mascara with anyone else, because this can bring in infections.  Some of these infections, such as viral conjunctivitis, can be very problematic so you must observe proper eye hygiene and never use another person’s eye makeup products. Also, we’d like to mention that most mascara have a certain shelf life, and using them after the expiry date can often lead to severe eye problems.

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Sidharth Thakur