Beautiful Designer Handbags That Enhance Your Body Shape

Beautiful Designer Handbags That Enhance Your Body Shape

Beautiful Designer Handbags That Enhance Your Body Shape Designer handbags are a great asset for any women.  Mostly flaunted by the elite class of women, one needs oodles of style, attitude and a great sense of design to carry them off with any dress. Though style basics are nothing new for fashionable women, for those who are learning the basics, these points would be of great help.

Clutches for those perfect curves

Clutches are meant for special occasions. Perfect accessories for carrying with gowns and special dresses, they can enhance your overall look and personality. They are mostly rectangular, oblong or oval in shape and come in a variety of styles like leather, jewel encrusted, embroidered and with metal fitting. Clutches do not have straps or handles and have to be held in your hand.

Their small size makes them just right for carrying bare essentials like a lipstick, a small comb or your eye makeup.  Clutches are absolute necessities for celebrities. One can see them holding on to them like dear life! They can enhance an already attractive personality. Clutches complement beautiful figures. They also do a good job in shifting attention from flaws if you have quite a bit of bulges to hide.

Totes for tall ladies

Tote bags are perfect for normal figures. They can enhance tall and thin body types as they make them look more voluptuous. These bags are very spacious and can fit in a number of things. Tote bags are best while travelling. They are also good for women who love to carry their essential around. Since they are very big bags they do not fit all body types. Fat women and very thin women must avoid carrying them around as they will make them look out either very fat or very thin. Totes are a favourite with super markets.

Many of them are made in recycled materials and distributed free of for a fee for carrying groceries. Totes are also used for promoting certain causes and for awareness campaigns. Designer Tote bags come in a variety of materials like canvas, leather, mixed materials, Rexene etc. Leather tote bags are a favourite among women who love designer stuff.

Hobo for sharp angular women

Hobos are very popular with the elite class. Their crescent shape makes way for various innovations in design. Hobo bags can be large, medium and small and hence women of all shapes and sizes can use them in varying sizes to suit their body shapes. Hobo bags come in soft leather or canvas materials. They do not have a stiff body and hence can slump against the body if not filled. Hobo bags help women who have sharp angular features.

The curved shape of a Hobo helps in softening the angular features. However fat women may not look good in Hobos as they only help them look more rounded and short. Tall and lean women can carry Hobos with elegance. Hobos come with a zip closure or a drawstring closure at the top. They can have wide bands or thin straps depending on the design.


Satchels come in a variety of sizes. They have a hard body and can be balanced to stand straight without side support. Big satchel bags are mostly worn diagonally across the body and are mostly used by when while travelling in two wheelers. They are also good for women as they help while you have too many things to carry in hand.

Small satchel bags are used a fashion accessories and help fat and rounded women look more sleek. Satchels come with shoulder straps or handles or both. Some are also very conveniently designed that they can be converted into a clutch by removing the straps and handles. Sleek and elegant satchels can be used to deflect attention from fat body parts.

Bucket Bags

These bucket shaped bags are very cute and resemble a Hobo, but with a narrower frame. They have a single strap which could run through the bottom and sides to give it a sturdy shape. Bucket bags are good for everyday use and are good for taller and sleeker body shapes.

Colour and Print Basics

While choosing designer bags, the length and strap length too are important factors to be considered. Shorter women must go for longer strap lengths. Taller women can get away with shorter straps. But one has to also look at the flaws in one’s body and avoid the bag from hanging close to them. So big breasted women must go for handbags that are longer and touch their waist or hipline rather than touch the bust line making them look wider. Same with wide hips.

Keeps the bag short or long, below the hips. For women who are fat all over, shoulder bags can be replaced with clutches or hand bags. The prints and colours in the bags too are deciding factors that enhance your overall appeal. If short and fat, women must carry big bags. They can stick to blacks and browns to make the bags less noticeable and mar their body image. Bags with vertical stripes and vertical designs too can be tried to give length to the body.

Similarly thin women can go for big printed styles of bags that make them look normal. Circles, ovals and curvy prints will give them a rounded look and play down on their thin body frame. These geometrical shapes look good on tall women too. Designer bags enhance ones personality and style quotient. While choosing designer bags, you must ensure that you look at the mirror and check your body compatibility with the bag.

As you are investing quite a lot of money on designer bags, it’s essential to get the best style and value for money. While very few can afford designer bags of the latest style, many of us can easily get the previous season’s styles off the rack during the sale season. These bags will have the best designs and utility value and even if they are still expensive, they are worth every penny you pay for them.

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