Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles Since the hair is the crowning glory of any woman, an amazing hairstyle is only befitting for the bride on her wedding day. Although there may be no perfect style for a bride in general, a perfect style for each bride is possible with a little care and trial.

There are so many hairstyles and ways to do up the perfect style for a bride depending on the hairstylist, the bride’s facial features and her hair type.

For long-haired women


Wavy hair is sexy; a bride can be done up to look sexy on her big day with her wavy locks placed perfectly. The style can be loose waves falling down on her neck and shoulders, depending on the length; they can be tousled for a soft and carefree look. Wavy hair with soft texture gives the bride a radiance that shines on her. Waves can be manipulated on long or short styles.


When you wear a strapless gown, buns are ideal. Buns give the bride an elegant and sleek appearance, complimenting her perfectly on her big day. You can add on a high chignon to your head or an off-centered bun placed on the nape of the neck for classic elegance.


Braids can be modern or classic. Choose from sleek, French-braid or loose two braids which can be secured at the ends.

For Medium length hair


You can roll medium hair lengths into a bun. Wrapping hair on a “cushion” can create the desired bun shape as well as add volume to the tresses.


For medium length hair, flip styles are the best; the bride gets a typical, girly look. Add a headband with a crystal or beads for an old-school charm that brings you back to your youthful days.

Soft bob

This would suit any medium length hair. The kinks or waves can be smoothened using a flat iron. Ironing the ends inward will create those simple curves. Though simple, it will give you a polished look.  


Perfect Hairstyles For Brides

Try curling your hair into soft rings. Then by drawing the hair away from your face and pinning them on the sides, using beaded hairpin, you can achieve a classic look.

Hairstyles for short hair

Cropped bob

Short hair requires a style, which can make the hair rest smoothly on the head, and fall across the forehead in layers. Headbands that glitter will give you a sweet edgy-look which looks great on a bride; not every bride has long hair to manipulate on her wedding day but a bride can still look sweet and radiant with short hairdos.


For a different wave hairdo with short hair, you can pull the short, spiky- hair, putting them in a crystal or beaded headband, which will make you look sophisticated. Beneath the jeweled headband, use a zigzag band for a layered effect.

Wavy bob

For those classic looks, style the chin-length hair into loose waves. Have them full if your face shape can take that style.