3 Ways For Hiding Breasts Size


3 Ways For Hiding Breasts Size

Big breasts or small breasts, peeving never stops, because men always go drooling over beautiful breasts and so every woman wants to poise up the most enticing bust line. Stop thinking about surgeries, exercises and cosmetics to enhance the beauty of your breasts and think along the lines of wearing the right clothing to accentuate the beauty of your breasts. V-neck tops

With big breasts, turtle-necks and round necks are a perfect NO, because they’re bound to make the distance between your neck and the breasts seem wider. And the wider the distance, explosively large and sagging your breasts will appear to be. Add some V-necks to your wardrobe and you have the instant formula to make your breasts seem somewhat smaller. Patch pocket tops and shirts are again things to be avoided. The other types of tops to avoid are crop tops, tank tops and those shiny ones with sequin work.

Printed Tops

Some printed tops can help you by distracting the looker and shifting their focus for your big breasts to the print of your top. As for the bra, pickup a sports bra to give your big breasts a flattened look while also to minimize the bounce as you move about. Alternatively you can also get into some tight halter-tops which have in built bras when you wish to wear a jacket on top of it.

Small Breast Looks bigger

As for the women with small breasts, the lovely part is that it is very easy to make your small breasts seem larger and the cleavage more prominent. The simplest rule, get some push up bras and enjoy a sizzling cleavage. Never go for the unpadded versions of the bras, because the padding while enhancing the breast size will also make your breasts sit in the right place under the top. As for the tops, the corset style is the best as it will push your breasts upward and make you look sexier. Even corseted underwear can bring about the same effect by clinching your waist and pushing your breasts upward. And the last little trick is to get some cup-pads which can be inserted into your bra to give a well defined shape to your small breasts.

Sidharth Thakur