Beating The Recession Blues

moneytemptation Recession blues seems to be affecting every one immensely. Irrespective of who you are, what you do, recession seems to be taking a toll on you.

Recession has created a mark for itself all over the world. People are losing jobs, living on their savings and selling their properties to make a living all over the world.

Each one of us has been affected by recession in some way or the other. The art is not to let recession take over your life. Here are a few tricks, which can help you to beat the recession blues and face it with a smile.

Spend Smart: Gone are the days when one could spend without thinking
twice. Thanks to recession our spending income has shrunk. The art is
to live within that shrunken income. Think twice before spending. Ask
yourself whether you really need the product or not? If the answer is
positive, then go ahead and buy the product. Otherwise, refrain from
buying it.

Save: Recession has taught us valuable lessons – the most valuable one being the art of saving money during recession. Even 2 years back, not many of us were used to the concept of saving. People used to spend whatever they earned.Recession taught them the art of saving. It is essential to save for a rainy day. We never know when one might meet unforeseen circumstances and require those funds.

Stop Plastic: Stop using plastic credit cards for purchasing goods. Credit card increases one’s spending capacity. As a result, people start to spend beyond their means. Later on at the time of payment, they realize that they do not have adequate money to pay off the bills.

Last but not the least, do not get bogged down. Take recession as an eye opener and learn from past mistakes. Recession will teach you to spend money wisely and value your money too.