Beat The Summer Heat in Cool Linen Shorts

Every woman needs a pair of linen shorts for a relaxed and easy look, as the summer heat catches on and leaves you lifeless. Shorts are undoubtedly the best bet for warmer seasons.

Linen shorts, in particular, are a perfect choice for summer, since they are cool and stylish and they let you enjoy your summer effortlessly. Linen shorts will help you keep stay cool while making you look irresistible irrespective of whether you are on the beach or in the bunker.

The casual weekend look

Perfect for warm season and weekends, linen shorts are great for wearing on a vacation. They will help you to work up a breezy and casual holiday look. What’s even better is that these linen shorts are so natural, soft, sumptuous and conducive to summer that they will guarantee absolute comfort.

These shorts work equally well for all body types. For those lucky few who have the silhouettes, the legs and the attitude, linen shorts are blessings for them. But even for those women who’re not so wonderfully blessed, linen shorts can work a magical spell.

Linen shorts make life easier

Linen shorts are very easy to maintain – they can be hand washed and line dried or machine washed. The fabric is light, breathable and comfortable which ensures that your shorts will not stick to the body with the sweat.


These shorts come in a variety of colors and designs, like flat front with little flap pockets on the front or deep front and back pockets or ones with elasticized waist. There are also designs entailing zip fastening and slit pockets. Many of them come with adjustable waist bands or with button adjustment.

They come in many patterns like floral, polka dotted. Ideally your linen shorts must end just above the knee and be loose enough on the legs to let the breeze in. These crisp linen shorts are hot and happening even among the teenagers for the kind of physical freedom they allow.

They are good for everyday wear as well. For a jazzed up look, get some linen shorts in contrasting colors and bold designs. Though linen crumples easily and looks untidy, which may irritate some people, most linen fans find this crumpling somewhat fascinating.

Do make sure that your legs are properly waxed before you get into your linen shorts. When it comes to comfort, linen shorts are the best solution for all age groups.

Sidharth Thakur