Beach Wedding Cake – Ideas For Beach Themed Wedding Cakes

If you have decided against a traditional church wedding and instead have opted on getting married on a sun drenched beach, you need to create the perfect beach wedding

From purchasing wedding gowns, shoes and other accessories which are ideal for the beach, you can go a step further and order yourself a beach themed wedding cake.

There are many ways, to make your beach themed wedding cake stylish and inimitable. Start by deciding on the shape of your wedding cake and how big you want it to be. The size of the cake is mainly determined by the number of guests you are planning to invite. Think out of the box when it comes to choosing the shape of your wedding cake. Instead of the standard two tiered or three tiered cake, go in for a sculpted, tower or sheet shaped cake.

A beach themed wedding cake calls for the usage of marine colors. Instead of the standard white cake, choose a cake with aquatic colors like beige, blue and green. For a tropical feel, introduce colors like yellow, orange and deep pink. You can even introduce a nautical look to your cake with colors like deep blue, white and red.

The decorations for a beach wedding cake are absolutely endless. Some of the common motifs used on a beach wedding cake are seashells- sculpted from white, milk or dark chocolate, marzipans or even icing – tropical flowers; you can either use fresh flowers on your cake or decorate your cake with edible flowers made from icing.

Sea creatures like dolphin, colorful fishes and oysters can be added to your cake. To add elements of fantasy incorporate mermaids and other mythical sea creatures on your cake.

You can even included intricately shaped coral pieces made from butter cream on your cake. A few strands of seaweed made from butter cream can add to the lovely under water theme of your cake.

Add some sand features to your beach wedding cake with tinted granulated sugar. Most couples also opt for sand castles made from marzipan and icing sugar on their cakes.

The ideal flavors for beach wedding cakes are the ones with a tropical twist like lemon, orange, pineapple or coconut. For intense flavors try liquor or rum filled cakes. Top your wedding cake with a dolphin, starfish or seashells.