Be Careful While Applying Bleaching Cream

Be Careful While Applying Bleaching Cream

Be Careful While Applying Bleaching Cream Who does not want to look beautiful? Who does not want to get complements from others? But for that one needs to have flawless skin. Maintaining and taking care of the face and body sometimes sounds tedious, but if some efforts are put on daily basis it can give marvelous results.

Let’s talk about face bleaching. Does anyone know that why bleaching is required and who all should opt for that? The answer is no. Teenagers are going crazy to make them selves look stunning and for that they can go to any extent by doing facials, bleaching, and massages.

For men/women having an uneven complexion or crimson spots on the face, bleaching is best method. It gives your skin more fairer look. Though many people use compacts and foundation to hide the dark spots, pigmentations, etc. but that is all temporary. Facial bleaching helps to hide the unwanted hairs on the skin.

Significance of bleaching cream:

Many females have dark spots, or pigments on the skin which make their skin look uneven. As the complexion of face is not even due these pigments, so to make them tone bleaching is used. To get rid of spots different kind of facial bleaches are available in the market. One can use it themselves or can go to the saloons for the application.

As the women grow older lot of changes comes in face complexion. Dark spots become more prominent which makes ones personality dull, as the skin is exposed to the sun so; the color of the skin becomes dark.  Facial bleaching works as a best remedy to get rid from this problem. Once you start using facial bleaching the color of the skin changes making it look more beautiful.

Facial bleaches are easily available and its application is also not difficult but, just a practice is required for it. As the skin of many women’s is very sensitive so it is advisable that such females should go to the saloons for the application of bleach rather than experimenting themselves on their face.

Using yourself without the proper knowledge can harm the skin. The method of applying the bleach is very simple. It involves only few steps, which results in a beautiful skin. Since the procedure, precautions, dos and don’ts are always written on the back of the bottle of any bleach, so, it does not require any major help from others.

Method for applying the facial bleach

Before starting up the bleach, wash the face with cold water and gentle soap so that all the dirt comes out from it. Do not use hot water for face wash as it opens the pores of the skin. Once the face is cleaned mix the powder and the cream in the ratio of 2:1 or as directed by the manufacturer.

Read the instructions given on the product packing. While buying the bleach make sure that it is used only for face and body not for the hair. Do not mix the powder according to yourself as it can burn the skin. Before applying bleach directly on the face one must try it first on the hand or near the elbow to check that any itching or burning. No redness or itching persists then you can use it on the area which you want to bleach.

After applying on the face leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After that remove little bit from the corner to check the result. If the color of the hair is lightened as one wants the remove the bleach with the cold water and pat it dry. Always put some moisturizer or a calamine lotion after bleaching the face so, that it does not becomes red. The mixture which has been left over can not be reused.

Those who use the facial bleach for the first time should make sure that the mixture is mixed in the appropriate manner as it is mentioned on it without making any further harm. Facial bleaches are easily available at any medicine store and is very cheap also. Not much effort is required for the bleaching more over it also not painful. One pack of bleach can be used 2- 3 times depending upon the user where they are using. Many common brands for bleach are as Fem, Loreal, Oxi, Jolen, Wella and many more.

Beside from the benefits of using face bleach at home or in the saloons there are some hazards also which if not taken care off can result in harmful way. Using bleaches does not give smoother or soft skin. The color of the skin is visible if it exposed to the sun a lot. Hard hairs on the face does have that effect as that on the thin or soft hairs. It is best suited for the dark complexion women’s. With the use of bleach the hairs on the upper portion gets colored as the hairs grow one can see the difference.

Home remedies also useful for facial bleaching

Whether its women or men, every one suffers with the problem of dark spots, skin color, pigmentation, ruddy skin. There are many home remedies also which helps lightens the facial color and which are safer for the skin. You can prepare the bleach at home with the help of certain household items which are easily available in the kitchen.

The advantage of homemade facial bleach is that one is familiar with the ingredients which has been using for the bleach. One of the most effective products for lightening of the skin is meladerm. This helps to hide the ageing spots, skin color with in the short span of 2 weeks.

Natural ingredients such as lemon juice, mulberry extract and many more are used to make this bleach. There are no hard chemicals used in this product which makes the skin more sensitive. This product can be used easily with the comfort and convenience of home which helps in getting rid from the various problems of the skin.

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