Bathing A Baby – Beginner Guide

Bathing your child the right way without committing mistakes is surely hard. Even after researching it throughly, you might end up making a couple of errors. But as long as you have got the most important ones right that will keep you from putting your child’s life and health in danger, you should be alright. So, in case you are a new parent, here’s a basic guide on how to go about it.

Bath time can be fun when your child has crossed the age of 1 or 2. But bathing babies that are only a few months old is a hard task and no way new as fun as you may imagine. To give a regular kind of bath, you have to wait until the baby’s umbilical cord has come off and the area is healed. If it hasn’t yet, stick to bathing your child only with sponge and water. This will make sure the baby’s wound is not infected in any way.

As long as your baby has not dirtied himself, there’s no need to go for soaps for new born babies. You don’t necessarily need to place your baby in a bath tub since they can sit right. So, all you need to do is to place them on a warm and flat surface and wash their body with wet sponge. It will be good if the area around the baby is warm and not too cold for the child to bear.

Once the cord has fallen and the wound is healed, you can switch to soap. When you switch to bathing your child in a bathtub, always make sure the water that you have filled the tub with is lukewarm and not too hot for the child to bear. About 5-7 inches of water in the tub should suffice for the bathing regime.

Now when you are onto cleaning the baby with sponge and a small amount of soap over the body, space the face from soap. You need to be extremely careful while dealing with soap around the eyes. Don’t use sponge to wash them and instead, wipe them with wet cotton balls and then continue to wipe the rest of the face the same way. Once the bathing is done, lift up the baby securely, and wrap him around warm towel. Once you are done with drying the body, powder it with your usual baby powder.