Bath Tea – A Unique Bath Product

A Bath blend which is made of simple and natural ingredients; bath teas help to relax you and leave your skin feeling tingling fresh.

People the world over have been using herbs to treat a variety of ailments.Herbal Tea is prepared from natural herbs and helps to create a relaxing bath atmosphere. The following bath tea recipes are prepared using natural ingredients and can be prepared in a few minutes.

Relaxing Bath Tea Recipe:

Lavender either added whole or as essential oils to your bath water has been known to have a relaxing effect. In this recipe, take half a cup of lavender flowers, half cup of chamomile flowers, four drops of refreshing ylang- ylang oil and one drop of lavender essential oil.

Take a teaspoonful of the ingredients and tie them in a clean muslin cloth and let the tea bag simmer in distilled water for five minutes. Next steep the liquid for ten minutes and then pour the liquid directly into your bath water.

Sweet Scented Bath Tea Recipe:

In a glass jar combine half a cup each of sweet woodruff, sweet cicely, angelica leaves, hyssop leaves and patchouli leaves. Next add four drops of patchouli oil and one drop of bergamot essential oil.

Combine the ingredients well. Take a small portion of the ingredients and tie them up in a clean muslin cloth. Next simmer the ingredients tied up in the muslin cloth in distilled water for five minutes and steep the liquid for ten minutes. Pour the steeped liquid into your hot bath water.

The Garden Bath Tea Recipe:

Mix together one cup each of dried lavender and rose petals. Add half cup of dried lemon balm and a quarter cup of dried rosemary. Now add one teaspoon of dried spearmint, ten drops of lavender essential oil and five drops of rose essential oil.

Finally add two drops of patchouli essential oil and mix the ingredients well. Tie them up into little muslin cloth packages. Take one of these packages and drop them in a cup of distilled water. Simmer the ingredients for ten minutes and then steep the liquid for five minutes. Pour the liquid directly into the bath water and enjoy a refreshing bath experience.

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