Basics Of Potty Training For Toddlers

Basic toilet training is one of the biggest hurdle parents have to go through when they begin teaching basic hygiene and manners in children. It’s not very easy to let your child understand its importance, most of all explain at their level.

It’s hard to get them started at something new, something that they don’t understand the need of, just like you have them switch from drinking from bottles to glasses. The most important thing that is needed to initiate this training is to have patience to wait until they get a hang of it. Don’t worry if they take too much time to get used to it. Don’t force them into it when they don’t understand what you are telling them either.

There are two options you can go for, to being with the training. There is one that is a separate chair-like thing which is built to suit the size and comfort of toddlers. The other option is a soft seat cover with handles on the sides. You can place them on the seat cover of your usual toilet. The handle is merely to give the child a sense of assurance from falling or losing balance.

In case you are going for the second option, remember to buy a small stool that the child can step on to get to the seat. If this is the first time, try holding their hand until they sit down to let them know that they won’t fall.

Buy some training pants and teach your child to slowly change from diapers to underwear. Since it’s hard to suddenly change to normals ones, you have to start with something that is half way between diapers and underwear. This way, they don’t feel entirely uncomfortable about trying it.

Teaching them bladder and bowel control is also important while you are on the training. This might seem impossible with a toddler to let them understand something like that but once you get them to learn this, you can teach them to control in until they reach the bathroom. Your child might not get this even after  a week’s training. But the trick is to keep going and make sure you spark some interest in them and make it look fun so that the next time you begin the training, they won’t groan about it.