Basic Pregnancy Diet

Eating healthy as important during pregnancy, but just in case you can’t make heads or tails about how to make your diet more nutritionally balanced and complete, then here’s what or your everyday diet should include.

Understanding about different nutrients and the technique of planning a diet, is not every woman’s cup of tea, so to make things simpler, just follow these guidelines here.

1. You need to include least three servings of whole grains in your everyday by and so as to make up for the additional calories that your body may need as well as to supply your body with an amount of fiber.

2. To get your daily supply of vitamins and minerals, you need to begin feasting on fruits and vegetables. Consume at least two Small bowls of fresh fruits and raw or par boiled salad vegetables, besides consuming at least two servings of your regular cooked vegetables.  And even if you have always been calories conscious and have avoided starchy vegetables, then pregnancies one time when you need to leave your food fads behind and get going with some starchy vegetables as well.

3. As for Meats, avoid eating darker fat rich meats and go in for some lean poultry and fresh water fish. Also, As far as possible you must avoid eating sea fish.

4. To ensure a healthy supply of good quality protein you should increase your intake of beans, legumes, lentils, eggs and dairy products.

5. Calcium is important for bone strength, both for your baby and you, so you must include at least three servings of calcium rich dairy Products, such as milk, yogurt and cheese in your everyday diet, while you are pregnant.

6. During pregnancy, your body also needs a good supply of healthy fats, so you need to include healthy fat from vegetable sources like olives, flaxseed, soybean and canola in your everyday diet. About six tablespoons of these fast must be consumed on a daily basis.  And although you need to have a lot of fat during pregnancy, you must still avoid fried fast foods, because these contain Trans fats which aren’t really good for your health.

7. And lastly, do pay attention to the amount of water that you drink, because your body needs about two to two and a half liters of water every day, during pregnancy.

Sidharth Thakur