Balancing Work and Motherhood

It had never been an easy to juggle between work and motherhood; yet many women have preferred working it out this way by doing the balancing act and they have done it so well and so successfully!

Prioritizing between work and motherhood is not simple but there are means to do the best justice possible for both work and motherhood. Work on one hand gives a woman an identity, a sense of freedom and establishment while motherhood is one of the best and loveliest joys possible on the earth for a woman.

Thus it is not possible for any well established woman to turn her face either from work or motherhood. If only she knows the tricks of the juggling act she can fulfill herself both in work and motherhood.

Many times a working mother is unable to give herself fully to either work or to her kids; as she keeps feeling guilty either way. But a few tips will help to do the balancing act between work and motherhood.

The most important thing is to be organized and systematic so as not to waste a moment of the precious time which can be devoted in a meaningful way for both work and motherhood.

While spending time with the family one should make the best use of the time by working together with kids and planning small outings on weekends. Asking for the husband’s help does well and taking responsibilities for home and kids together creates better bonding.

One doesn’t have to get exhausted while juggling between work and motherhood as that wont help. One should take care of own self as well. Kids are easy to impress and just taking interest in their school work and daily routine makes them bonded with and understanding towards the working mother.

One mustn’t expect everything to go perfect; some freedom must be given to the kids as well to grow up independently. At work one must not hesitate to delegate work properly to get rid of some work load; rather than a tight work schedule a strict schedule must also be kept aside for motherhood which will be exclusive for the kids.

Stress at work can also be relieved to a great extent while tending to kids. Motherhood gives the best satisfaction and peace which rejuvenates to get back to work load.