Bad Breath

get-rid-of-bad-breath You seem to ooze out confidence and attitude but your friends think otherwise. You simply can’t figure out why the sexiest babe in your group hurries away citing some nebulous reason just after 5 hours.

Do you know why most of the times you are being gifted excessive packets of mints and mouth fresheners? Can’t figure out still now. Wake up man it got to be bad breath. It is one of the most common problems that people cutting across all age groups face today. But there are sure shot home care of this too, if you follow us properly.

Bad Breath: Your Fault:

Bad breath in normal condition is caused by poor oral hygiene in normal circumstances. Lack of proper brushing and building up of plaque in the remote corners of the mouth become the breeding ground for germs like bacteria. This is the reason why in spite of having no critical mouth problem many face the attack of bad breath. Again too much consumption of alcohol or even tobacco may also lead to bad breath.

Fight it!!!

It is easy and not that difficult. The only thing is to maintain regularity. Visit a dentist regularly preferably every 6 weeks to check the oral hygiene.

Alcohol coffee and other protein rich foods like milk cheese and some types of spices like garlic, onions are all bad breath offenders.

If you are under some kind of medication then that may also causes for bad breath. Share the log with your dentist and also try to breathe through the nose and not through the mouth. It makes the mouth dry and the bacteria resisting saliva dries out making it easier for the bacteria to breed.

Brushing twice a day will reduce the chance of bad breath significantly. Always remember to brush slowly and clean the gums and the tongue.

Use mouth fresheners for instant result but in the long run sustained oral care will prevent bad breath and sure embarrassment.