Back Acne Treatment

When acne happens on your back, it’s called bacne. When dirt and excess sebum is trapped on the back, it results in bacne. When excessive perspiration from a work out at the gym or sweat caused by running, gardening or heavy housework is left to dry, bacne occurs.

The easiest way to prevent bacne infection is to wash off the sweat and go for regular skin exfoliation. However, get treatments if you are already having bacne.

First, keep your skin clean and don’t allow sweat to dry off on it. After any strenuous activity that causes perspiration, take a bath. It’s advisable to wash your skin two times everyday with a mild soap and warm water.

On the affected area, apply a toner, an exfoliant and a restoring lotion. Use mild cleansers and a back scrubber to keep the affected area clean. After a shower, pat dry your skin and apply a cream that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Wear clean clothes during a workout or strenuous physical activity. Change the sweat soaked dress after you are done. You should put a towel over the mat or the exercise equipment before starting your workout so that additional dirt from them doesn’t affect you.

Don’t wear tight fitting clothes as they will rub the affected area and cause irritation. Wear shirts or tops made of cotton that will let your skin breathe. To keep your skin protected against further infection, wash your pillowcases, towels and sheets frequently with mild cleansers that don’t contain harsh ingredients.

If you are suffering from stubborn bacne, go to a dermatologist and take the prescribed antibiotics for relief.

Though there are oral medicines for curing bacne, their constituent chemicals can set off depression. So these are not given to clinically depressed people or those who have a tendency to get depressed.