Baby Proofing Your House

It’s been several months since you have brought your baby home and now your child is no longer confined to his territory and has begun to explore the house.

Things get dangerous at this stage since several accidents might happen, what with you leaving dangerous things like forks and knives and the plugs open for easy access for the baby.

It gets worse if you have your windows at the level where your baby can easily fall out of. There are several gadgets available out in the market that ensures child safety at home. If you are entirely clueless about this, we suggest you go for a professional child proofer who will fix all the necessary and basic gadgets to child proof your house.

First thing you need to do after this is to cover up all the open electrical outlets and tie up the electrical cords. Make sure the baby’s crib is far away from these outlets and even curtains since the heavy ones might sometimes end up suffocating them in case they get into one of them while playing around.

Don’t place any hot food or glass vessels, bowls etc. on the edge of the table that is low enough for the baby to reach. This way, you can prevent accidental spillage of hot food on your baby and causing serious burns on their skin. Make sure all the cabinets in your room has doors with locks that babies can’t open easily. You don’t have to worry about cabinets that don’t reach them, but you have to keep the lower ones closed.

For the first year of your baby, install fire alarms in every room of your house to ensure your baby won’t die of any kind of fire accident. Never run out of your first-aid supplies. Make sure you have a supply of all of its contents all the time. Keep some extras too.

Keep poisonous substances out of reach from children. Make a thorough list of anything that you might think can be poisonous to your child and keep them away in a locked cabinet. This also includes medicines, especially the outdated ones.