Baby Nursery Furniture – Decorating Ideas & Themes

Parents always look out for the best for their child right from the time it’s born – best name, best home and the best environment to live.

Now, since the baby can’t decide what it wants, it’s up to you to decide what is best for the baby. And this is where the confusion begins. With millions of options out there, it’s hard to narrow down to a single idea. But if you are totally utterly clueless about what kind of environment you want to establish for your child, here are some ideas that we can offer you.

One of the most calming and simple theme is the coastal theme. This not only brings out a refreshing feel to the room but the pastels also keeps your child’s mood happy and refreshed. To do this, you have to narrow down your color palette to pastels, beige and white only.

Or just any light color that brings out the feel of the oceans. Buy furniture that match the coastal feel and add a little bit of your own imagination to decorate the room. You can also place a bowl of shells and pebbles and some pictures of fishes hanging down the walls and some stars down the ceiling.

In case it’s a boy and you want to come up with a boyish theme, try going for a jungle theme. And by this, we don’t mean the scary version with pictures of snakes and grizzly bears. Try bringing out the fun side of the forest with pictures of deers and rabbits and birds.

Try painting pictures of trees and maybe a tree house too. Again, for this, you need to add a lot of woody furniture to get the nature feel to it. If you think this is too much for a baby, you can bring it down a notch and give a zoo appearance.

You can also try going for a princess theme and add a lot of frills and delicate curtains and bed spreads. Also go ahead and fill the room with dolls and soft toys that will give a perfect baby-room feel to it, no matter how posh the princess bed makes the room look.