Baby Checklist For New Parents

Baby Checklist For New Parents

Baby Checklist For New Parents Now that the delivery date is just few weeks away, it would be prudent to go through your new-baby checklist and ensure that you have stocked all the essential items. In case some items have still been left out, don’t panic.

Maintain your calm as you still have time to purchase them and avoid last minute hassles. As much as you would love to splurge while shopping for your baby-to-be born, it is important to keep a restraint on yourself and avoid going overboard. Keep in mind that you will receive plenty of hand-me-downs from friends, family and relatives who have already had babies.

Moreover, baby’s grandparents and loved ones would love to shower the kids with gifts including clothes, toys, etc.So while shopping just buy things which are extremely necessary. Below is a must-have checklist for your baby-to-be born which can guide you about the items that you will need after the baby’s birth.

Baby Checklist For New Parents


If someone in your family or friends is willing to give you some hand-me down clothes for your baby, accept them gracefully. They will not only save you money but will also prove good for baby’s tender skin. Keep at least 5-7 onesies for your baby as they are easy to tie and are quite comfortable for the infant. You can also stock 3-4 rompers which will come handy if you want to take the baby out.

Baby Clothes

A couple of stretchies preferably with attached booties is yet another good item to keep at hand. Babies look adorable in such clothes. Keeping a pair of frocks or two-piece dresses is not a bad idea though they will be rarely used. In case your delivery date is scheduled for winters, you should buy adequate mittens, caps, booties, sweaters, etc. to keep your baby warm and cosy.

A pair of bibs can save you from the trouble of changing your baby’s clothes every time he/she spills milk. It is advisable to use nappies during the first few weeks after the baby’s birth as diapers can give rashes to the tender skin of the baby.

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Grooming Kit

A new-born baby’s grooming kit should have a mild soap which is tender on the baby’s skin. A No-Tears Shampoo is yet another important item to rinse baby’s hair and wash off the dirt and sweat from the scalp.

Grooming Kit

You will also need baby powder, moisturizer and oil for the baby. Baby wipes is an essential item to wipe off baby’s drool and cotton wool can be used to clean baby’s poop. To cut baby’s nails you should have nail clippers.

Medicine Kit

Keeping a proper medicine kit is a must-have during medical emergencies. Your medicine kit should have nasal drops, calpol, medicine for diarrhoea, liquid aspirin, antiseptic lotion/cream, band-aids, thermometer, droppers, humidifiers, etc.

Other Items

Feeding supplies should be kept including 4-5 bottles. A pram can make things easier for you while going on an outing with your baby. When you step out of the house don’t forget to keep rattles and toys for your baby’s entertainment.