Babies’ Hair must be Treated Specially

Hair care for babies is one task that requires special attention. Babies’ body is very delicate and so are the hair and the skin.

It is important that special care be taken to wash those hairs and keep them healthy without causing any inconvenience to the baby.

Being gentle is the key. Whatever you do and whatever you follow is to be done gently. All the materials used should be gentle in nature. Let us explain this further. First of all, the baby always remains in the mother’s care and hence it is important that the child’s hair be washed only on a need to do basis. You can set a schedule of doing it once every week under the normal circumstances.

Before you apply any shampoo or conditioner, it is advisable that the child’s hair be combed to set it straight. This helps in removing any tangles that there might be and hence the baby’s hair will not be pulled during washing.

How you wash your child’s hair is the second factor. The easiest way is to recline the child in the bath gently while holding them. The child might get frightened because of the orientation but always talk in calm and soothing tones to keep the baby calm and at ease.

Avoid putting pressure on the soft spot on the top of baby’s head. Gently wash the hair by moving your hands in one direction. Pour water away from the face. The reclining position helps in water flowing away from the face.

There might be times when your baby might develop areas of red and flaky skin on the scalp. Do not worry. Just go to the doctor who will prescribe a cortisone cream. But if you wash the child’s hair with a mild shampoo, then the condition is taken care off as well.

The choice of shampoo is vital in washing babies’ hair. The baby’s shampoo must have the mildest ingredients that will cause no irritation to the skin and in case the shampoo goes in the eye. There are shampoos which will not cause any irritation; always ensure this before buying.