Ayurveda: The New Range Of Spa Treatments

ayurveda-spa-treatments Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of herbal medicine is catching up on popularity because of its nontoxic and highly beneficial effects on the health. Apart from medicines, Ayurveda also has a lot of other health and beauty treatments which are now becoming a popular practice with most of the health spas around the world.

Ayurveda In Spa Treatments

The prime concept of uniting together the mind, the body and the soul, by balancing and harmonizing these three important energies, to bring about holistic wellness is what differentiates Ayurveda spa treatments from the other regular spa treatments.

The process begins with a study of the physical characteristics of a person, in which factors like height, weight, pulse rate and the clarity of the eyes are taken into consideration. Apart from these physical features, the Ayurveda therapist will also take down information about the person’s lifestyle, eating habits and medical history. Only after a proper study of all these will he recommend the course of treatment that is most suitable for that particular person.

What’s on offer

These Ayurvedic spa treatments, involve both eating herbal medicines and tonics and external application of herbs and extracts. Apart from the use of herbs, the techniques used to cure your problems or to enhance health, are also somewhat unique and different. There are body massages using special herbal oils, done using some unique smooth strokes to improve blood circulation and to help relieve stress.

There are also specific treatments such as Shirodhara, in which oil infused with herbal extracts is made to drip on the forehead of the patient, and this treatment is believed to not only relieve stress but also help with hair, eye and brain related problems.

What to look for

There are several spas spread across the globe which boast of offering Ayurvedic treatments, however most of them do not have trained professionals or they may not be using the proper concoctions of herbs. Apparently, the money you spend that these places is a total waste because you may not really derive the complete benefits of the treatment. So whenever you go for Ayurvedic spa treatment, do check that the person performing the treatment is a certified professional.

Sidharth Thakur