Avoid This When Your Partner Leaves You

When the man of your life decides to call it quits to your relationship, the sudden shock and the loneliness trying to engulf you, can make you go wild and you may end up trying all the crazy things you can, to get him back into your life. Okay we know you are depressed, love deprived and feeling low, and yes maybe there is some anger and resentment too, but trying all the hanky panky stuff is definitely not going to work in your favor.

You need to calm down your over excited nervous system, and then act mature and sensible. While there’s always a lot of advice from everyone around you on how to get your man back, we want to stress out a few things here that you must avoid doing, if you want him to “ever” come back to you.

It’s quite understandable that you are disgusted, full of anger, grief and frustration and so you would like to vent out your feelings. But well, stop there, you don’t need to advertise the whole affair to your friends and your office colleagues. All this will give your man the impression that you are trying to play an emotionally manipulated game to overcome your guilt and shame, and thus are trying to lay the entire blame on him for whatever has gone wrong. With this kind of an approach do you really think he will ever want to come back to you?

The second thing is to put a complete restraint on yourself and not make any efforts to call him, to meet him or still worse to ask him to come back to you. Imagine if he’s already started dating someone and you just barge into his house, how stupid you would look.

Let there be absolute silence for a few weeks or else you’re just going to stretch out the tussle till he actually begins hating you. It’s also not advisable to snoop around his personal space, trying to spy on him as to whether he has gotten on with another girl. Maybe he’s given you a set of his house keys or maybe his e-mail password, but please don’t set your foot in till finally things have been patched up.

Lastly don’t try any of the childish stuff, as in trying to get him jealous by walking around with some other guys, sending a friend as your envoy, displaying aggression and throwing tantrums or using his friends as pawns.

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Sidharth Thakur