Avoid These Common Fashion Mistakes

Going wrong on just one little front, can twist your overall get up into a fashion disaster. You may have spent an hour or two to conceptualize a fashion look for a certain occasion, and that one little mistake you make can shatter the whole look. Take a look at what are the most common fashion mistakes that most women make.

It’s nice to have a splendid array of accessories collection in your wardrobe, but you just can’t sport them all on one occasion. The exquisite pearl necklace, the beautiful diamond studded bracelet, that expensive watch, the exquisitely crafted necklace and all those little treasures cannot be put on together, if you are serious about presenting a fashionable look.

Go selective when choosing accessories to be worn with any of your particular outfit, because using too many fashion accessories can take away the elegance and leave you looking confused. So if you’re wearing a watch, please don’t wear the bracelet on the same wrist, also just one bracelet is fine you don’t need to put on a display of three or four bracelets on a single wrist. As for your neck wear, just let a necklace or a chain and pendant hang there, but not both of them together. And most importantly coordinate your accessories, because you can well imagine how odd it looks to be wearing a gold bracelet, a pearl necklace and platinum earrings.

The next thing you need to go cautious about is your make-up; keep it light and more natural. When dressing up for a special occasions, most women fall prey to using the heaviest of make-up which can make the whole look too garish, to settle in easily into the eyes of the other people. So keep your facial make-up subtle, well blended and well balanced, so as to highlight just one of two features on your face and not all your features at the same time.

And lastly, when coordinating colors remember that you are trying to put together and create a fashion ensemble and are not designing the vibrant interiors of a cafeteria. So let there be a proper color scheme and avoid using too many colors, unless of course you are going out for a fancy dress party.

Sidharth Thakur