Avoid Looking Trashy At Work

cory With a sexy curvy figure there is nothing off beam in putting a little accent on your flattering attributes, when dressing up for your work place, as long as you don’t step over the line.  A woman sex appeal is something natural and you don’t need to shun it away when dressing up for work, it’s just that you need to understand what is more appropriate to wear in the professional world.

The deep plunge

The most important of all things, when putting together a professional outlook is how much of skin you should reveal. If you’re planning on wearing a deep neckline, that reveals too much of cleavage, then think about wearing a camisole underneath to avoid showing too much of your bust line. And what’s more, that little hint of lace, from the camisole, will give you an ultra feminine and chic look. Layering is another chic way to let your breasts stay in the limelight without over emphasizing them or over revealing them.

Skirt lengths

While a knee length skirt is indeed the safest bet, it might seem a little too old fashion to the younger genre. But then, to wear lengths any shorter than that, you ought to be working in one of those modern contemporary offices, with liberal work environment.

And even in such places avoid going too skimpy, and never wear a skirt that is more than two inches above the knee. Or else to play within the safe limits, slip into some leggings or stockings for a more suave professional look. And more importantly you need to wear a fit and style, which you are perfectly comfortable in.

A few skirt styles which are young and yet not offensive are a pencil skirt with a wide belt, a long skirt with a slit that’s only up to the knee or an A-line cut in the some bright color.

And lastly, with your heels, don’t go anything beyond 4 inches, and that too only if you’re comfortable walking in them. Avoid shoes that are a little heavier on design, and go with peep toes, kitten heels or the regular pumps.

Sidharth Thakur