Avoid Hair Loss

Excessive hair loss is a terrible situation and sometimes can even make you bald. It could be due to several reasons why your hair start shedding excessively. A recent major surgery could be one of the causes of hair loss. Such kind of hair loss is because of temporary stress as well as illness.

Hormonal problems related to pregnancy and thyroid could be another reason why your hair tends to fall out in large amount. A heavy medication for high BP, heart patients, etc and infections of fungus are also several factors of hair loss. Other than that excessive use of chemicals on the head and improper diet can cause hair loss as well.

There are various methods that can help you get your hair loss problem treated. This depends on your hair type that which kind of treatment would be best for you. Also above mentioned factors like sickness, medication, infections, hormonal imbalance, etc also result in having different treatments. Doctor’s treatment can help you to regain hair easily.

Besides doctors help, there are things that could be done at home to minimize the hair loss. Fenugreek seeds have always known to be great for hair. Take some of the seeds and grind them and mix in water. Apply the mixture on head for 30 minutes and wash it off.

A good head massage with hot oil is another thing that could help you. Follow it with hot towel treatment so that the scalp can soak the oil easily. Rubbing onion on the effected area could do great wonders to your hair growth. Rub it till the scalp becomes reddish in color and then apply honey on it.

A natural homemade shampoo is something you should stick to as may be the chemical use is the reason of your hair loss. To prepare your own shampoo, take 1 tsp of lemon juice, 5 tsp of yoghurt and 3 tsp of gram raw powder. Apply the mixture on head, massage with it for 15 minutes and then wash it off. All these things can help you gain you hair back.