Avoid Certian Foods In Pregnancy To Save Baby

foods-to-avoid-in-pregnancy There are so many do’s and don’ts that you need to consider when you  are in the family way. Some precautions can really save you and your  baby and one must abide by it. May be some foods are there that you  like, but take a break in taking those so that you can see the face of  your healthy baby in time.

You can surely carry on eating those foods  after your baby is born. After all, your baby’s health is all very  important to you compared to other earthly satisfactory things.

Plan and eat healthy meals for you and your baby growing within you. If  you like seafood, stop taking it when you are pregnant. Mercury level  is high in fishes especially in all seafood, and this is harmful to  baby’s health.

You have to avoid taking foods and beverages containing  caffeine when you are pregnant. Abortion and low birth weight can be  the fatal consequences of caffeine intake during pregnancy. You ma have  habit of taking herbal tea, which again is needed to avoided. Herbal  teas have been found to be responsible for preterm labor and  miscarriage.

Alcohol intake is simply a no-no when a woman is pregnant. Alcohol is  harmful to women and it should be completely avoided during pregnancy.  The baby born of an alcoholic mother may be defective or mentally  retarded. Isn’t it better to be responsible for the blooming bud rather  than being the same when it grows some deformities? Women who smoke  must leave this habit immediately during pregnancy.

It is highly  injurious to the fetus and to the mother as well. It is not only the  food and beverage choices that you make in these days, but also taking  care of your physical and mental health which proves worthwhile when  you are pregnant. Avoid taking any risk and do whatever is best for you  and your baby.