Autumn 2010 Footwear Trends for Women

The footwear trend for women for autumn 2010 is going to be a wide gamut of choices we have witnessed in previous years, except for the fact that wedges are going to make a strong comeback after a hiatus of a long gap.

Wedge heels are comfortable as well as trendy and can be easily teamed with hot pants and leggings. Not only do they complement the look but also are great saviors when those high-heeled stilettos become overbearing.

Along with neutral tones like beige, taupe, cream and caramel, the brighter hues comprising shades of blue, green and yellow will dominate the season.

Flats got Trendier

Flats were never as trendy as they’re going to be this autumn. The rightly called skimmers give you the utmost comfort and are perfect for the beach adding a sweet and feminine touch to an otherwise “Femme Fatale” look. If not too flat, try the kitten heels which are the best alternatives to enjoy heels without compromising on the comfort.

Strap it up

The gladiator sandals are making fashion statement too – with all their detailing. Go for a wide collared strap that is attached to lots of skimpy woven straps covering the feet all over – to add a vintage appeal to your overalls. It not only adds to the glamor quotient but soothes the feet and makes one a real head-turner.

The clog craze

One of the hottest women’s footwear trends for autumn 2010 is clogs. Clogs by designer Louis Vuitton styled in bearing with a blend of 70’s retro look are the most coveted. What’s more they’re equally great for runway as well as hectic daily life. To complete the look, go for shirts with earthy accents accentuated with slightly fluted shoulders.

For the heel lovers

Apart from all these, high heel lovers with their penchant for heels do not seem to give their stilettos a miss. Stiletto heels have always been one of the hottest trends and are there to stay for many coming seasons.

From embellished to casual ones, this footwear style is by and large every woman’s favorite. It not only makes you taller but at the same time gives you a feeling of sexiness and femininity.

Pump it up

A lot of trendy pump shoes are also to be seen this autumn because of their wear-ability and comfort-ability. Innumerable footwear patterns with different colors are coming up this season to entice you. Go girl – Take your pick!

Sidharth Thakur