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How To Make A Face Scrub

How To Make A Face Scrub

The skin is the largest organ of our body and the one that is constantly exposed to environmental pollutants including…

How To Apply Blush To The Face

How To Apply Blush To The Face

Have you ever wondered how the high profile models and celebrities have those perfectly chiseled cheekbones? Well, the key to…

ankle boots for women

Ankle Boots for Women

Ankle length boots or booties as they are more commonly known are a must have fashion accessory in every girl’s…

eye brow makeup

Eyebrow Makeup

Your eyes may be the window to your soul but it is the presence of beautiful, well trimmed eyebrows.


Under Eye Concealer

Ugly under eye dark circles and eye bags can make you look haggard and gaunt. Lack of adequate sleep, too much stress