Asthma – A Bane Of Pollution

asthma02 Medically asthma can be defined as the syndrome taking place when the bronchial tubes –the airways present in the lungs, become swelled and contracted.

Due to the tightening of the bronchial wall muscles, the airways start generating extra mucus resulting in the blockage of the airways. The disease can range from a negligible wheezing to a lethal attack of asthma.

The disease is incurable, however the symptoms are controllable. This managing of the disease ideally comprise of avoiding asthmatic triggers and keeping a close track of the symptoms of asthma. It maybe needed to intake a regular long-term controlled medication for preventing asthma to erupt and as well short term “rescue medications” for controlling the symptoms once the onset happens.

An uncontrolled asthmatic issue can be a major result of missing school, missing office, and a reduction in productivity. As there is a tendency in asthma to change type over a period of time, it is highly required for an asthmatic person to keep a close track on the symptoms with a regular help from the physician so as to adjust the treatment accordingly.

Some common symptoms of the disease: The signs of asthma vary from trivial to rigorous depending on person to person. A person may have mild signs such as intermittent breathlessness, with sporadic attacks of asthma and between the episodes the person may feel completely normal no breathing troubles. Again, someone maybe haunted by a regular issue with wheezing and coughing or signs mostly at night or maybe only when working out.

The symptoms and signs of asthma include chest pain or chest tightness, breathlessness, difficulty in sleeping due to coughing, short of breath, wheezing, etc., even a perceptible sound of whistling when exhaling, as well as bouts of panting and coughing which maybe degenerated by a flu or cold virus.

A close effort with the doctor is needed to identify when an increased need of medication is required, or if any other steps are required to take control of the worsening effects of asthma and to get the disease back under control. If the effects of asthma are tending to worsen, the physician is the only person who can help to learn and distinguish the symptoms to get an immediate help.