Aromatherapy To Treat Bugs

bedbugs Aromatherapy has become one of the most popular therapies in the world which includes curing and healing with the help of fragrant essential oils. Aromatherapy has several usages but do you know you can also use those essential oils to keep the bugs out of your room.

Great isn’t it? No chemical, no allergies and respiratory problems, absolutely no side effects. And the important fact is that you can use to oils to repel a large variety of bugs and they even do not develop resistant symptoms as it happens with other repellents with allegoric or other chemicals.


They are terrible bugs and are found almost everywhere and every season. To top it all how much you spray insecticide they are sure to return. For them you just need lemon oil. Mix it with warm water and spray it near the path or in various places of the house.


Another bug and really painful bite. Pine essential oil has a distinct fragrance that keeps them at bay.


They are a constant menace in the household. You cannot keep the food open for long and to top it all they are carriers of all sorts of dangerous diseases. Not only that they are also blood suckers and can cause severe stomach diseases due to the

infection carried by them. Citronella oil is an effective oil against them. Juniper and Geranium Oils are also equally effective against them.


Nobody needs a remainder about the danger of the mosquitoes. Think about some of the most deadly diseases and you will find

that they are spread by mosquitoes. Use Rosemary, Citronella and Geranium Oils to repel them. If you live in severe mosquito infested areas then you may have to use it quite often. Essential oils are very effective is the solution is prepared correctly. You need warm water and a few drops of the oil and then cool it and then use it as a normal bug spray in the house.