Are you working to live or living to work?


Till a few decades back, work was just a way to sustain life, however things have changed all together now and today’s people are living to work rather than working to live. In today’s hectic and ambitious lifestyle our work has engulfed everything that we have including our personal life and our relationships.

The modern day business life has made people overly ambitious to such an extent that the desire to go higher and achieve more never seems to get satiated. It won’t sound peculiar if you call ambition as a curse which compels people to overlook all other aspects of life. Success connotes power, and successful people who have sidelined their families and relationships, have raised material expectations from their life partners.

For the strongly career oriented people, dedication to their work and long office hours leave them with no time for anything else, and not even personal pleasures. The race for ambition has made most people hesitant about entering into relationships and even having kids. As a result divorces are on the rise, since in most cases both the partners fail to strike a balance between their personal life and work. This ugly combination of a stress filled lifestyle and long work hours have left most of us with a lot of acquaintances but hardly any good friends.

The present lifestyle has a material aspect to everything, even pleasure; no wonder pleasure comes in the form of buying the luxuries, expensive holidays and owning the latest cars and gadgets. It is observed that children and parents from richer families have lesser contact and lesser emotional bonding with each other.

The situation is even worse, when it comes to successful women, as their obsessive competitive nature makes them shirk home and family related responsibilities. It becomes difficult for them to balance out their corporate life participation and their life beyond work. But as age factor increases, work turns into drudgery leaving them depressed. And at this juncture it becomes imperative to make a change to your lifestyle and give life and edge over your work.

This run for money and ambition has not only affected our relationships but also our physical health, since with the time crunch we opt to eat processed food, skip meals and avoid exercising and relaxation. It’s still time, let’s make efforts to reclaim our life and let life dominate over work.