Are You Wearing The Right Bra

bra Here are a few pointers that need to consider, to be sure that you’re wearing, the right bra in the right style.

The band

If the band isn’t running in a straight line across your chest, and is rising up at the back, then it’s a clear sign that you are wearing the wrong band size. With the band being loose, your breasts are getting the maximum support from the straps, so you need to go down one size. Maximum support for your breasts should come from the band and not from the straps, because straps are only to keep the bra in place. Look for a band size that doesn’t move from its place as you move around.

Now on the other hand, wearing a smaller band size will create the skin around the back to lump, and it may appear as if you have a lot of accumulated fat there. And obviously that means you need to go up one band size.

The under wire

The center part of the bra that is between the two cups should sit flat against your cleavage. If you’re able to slide in even one finger there that means you’re wearing a small band size. The under wire should lie exactly below the crease of your breast, for proper support, and if the under wire seems pulled down then you need a bigger band size.

The cups

In case your breasts are bulging out, either on the top or on the sides, then you’re definitely wearing the wrong cup size. You’ve got two ways to handle this problem, one is to go in for a bigger cup size or alternatively look for a bra style which covers more of your breasts.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing a larger cup size, then you can easily see wrinkles appearing on the outside of the cups. And the worst part is that these unsightly bumps may even show through your top or tee shirt.

Sidharth Thakur