Are you Taking Care of Your Nails Properly?

Nails to a large extent define the beauty of women; strong beautiful nails look wonderful and you can have them painted in different colors to suit your fancy, whenever you want!

But foremost is the necessity for them to be healthy, so that they do not chip away every other time.

If brittle nails are what you have, you must first know the ways to keep them well-maintained. A little care can go a long way and we will see how:

To have nails that are genuinely healthy, you need to make sure that you have a healthy body first. Healthy nails are just one of the various consequences of treating your body right.

Make sure your diet is not lacking in adequate protein that are vital. A well-balanced diet coupled with consumption of plenty of water, are two important factors that should be kept in mind from the very beginning.

Each part of our body responds to love and nurturing. Love your nails and take care of them. Do not let your nails to overgrow; they do require periodical and timely trimming. Clip them in a proper way, usually shorter rounded shaped nails are more long lasting than the longer sharper ones, which tend to break easily.  Treat them with moisturizer afterwards.

Examine and see if your toe nails are stronger than your finger nails. If they are, most likely you need to treat your fingernails more gently than you do. Avoid too much exposure to water while performing household chores, as that renders the nails soft and automatically more prone to breakage.

Also, be careful to not have harsh chemicals come in contact with your nails; they can have a drying effect on your nails and brittleness is the likely result. Further, make sure that your nail polish remover is acetone free.

Vitamin E oil helps to strengthen your nails as well as prevents the crackling of cuticles.

No matter how stressed you might be, do not indulge in nail biting. It is a bad habit as well does considerable harm to the nails.

All these preventive and nurturing measures combined will yield healthier and certainly stronger nails.

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