Are You Planning To Home School Your Child?

Home schooling can be beneficial in some cases, and you may find that your home schooled child fairs better academically than most regular school goers. But before you plan on home schooling your child here are some things that you must consider.

Home schooling implies that you will be complete in-charge of what all, your child learns. You are the one who will give direction to your child’s education as well as his attitude in life. In most cases you are likely to be the only educational instructor for your child, so it means you must not only be capable enough to teach your child, but must also be well versed with the right way of teaching children. You don’t necessarily need to know everything that you will be teaching but you must have the potential to understand things given in books and to effectively pass it onto your child.

The house is normally full of distractions and the children are very prone to getting distracted by even small things going on around them. So it’s your responsibility to create the right environment in the house for home schooling your child. Its best to use a fixed secluded spot for the teaching and learning activities, as this will help in establishing better discipline.

Home schooling is all about true commitment and discipline, and that not just applicable for the child but for you as well. You need to device a schedule and stick by it no matter what may come. When you are teaching the child your focus should be on this one activity only and not on what’s cooking in the kitchen or whether the clothes have dried in the washer. Of course, some flexibility is expected in home schooling schedules but as far as possible don’t make this a habit.

A major drawback of home schooling is that the kid doesn’t get much exposure to the outside world and thus may not be able to develop the required communication skills, social skills and confidence. And that’s where you will need to work extra. Make sure he spends a few hours everyday in the play ground or elsewhere with other children.

So before you actually plan on home schooling your child you must understand that lots of commitment and extra effort will be needed on your part to make home schooling fruitful for your child.

Sidharth Thakur