Is It Difficult To Gain Weight During Pregnancy?

pregnancy weight During pregnancy it’s very important to gain weight as your pregnancy progresses, but in case you’re having problems in gaining the much needed pounds then here is some help for you.

Majority of the women do not face any kind of problem in gaining weight during pregnancy, but there are a few who do not see any significant weight gain.

If you’re not gaining weight or you are gaining weight too slowly, then it’s definitely something that should leave you a little alarmed. Problems in gaining weight can result in a host of complications like premature delivery or giving birth to an underweight baby.

Surely, complications are the last thing that you would ever want to see or experience during pregnancy, so you really need to put some effort in trying to gain weight.

There are several web sites which can help you learn about the weight gain you must experience with each progressing week of pregnancy. Alternatively this information can also be had from your health care provider.

It is best to keep comparing your weight gain with the optimal weight gain mentioned in the charts, and whenever you feel that your weight gain is way to behind the optimal levels, here are things that will help you in gaining weight.

•    Increase your calorie consumption: As simple as it is, if you want to gain weight you need to take more diet. Some high calorie foods which are also rich in healthy fats can make for a good snack between meals, such as nuts, dairy products, legumes and grains.

•    Increase your meal frequency: most of us are in the habit of having three meals a day, but that kind of an eating routine may not be sufficient during pregnancy. You need to have about five to six meals a day, and even before you hit the sack, you should treat yourself with a real heavy smoothie which will supply some good amount of calories to your body while you are asleep.

•    Ease down a little: During pregnancy you must cut down a little bit on your activities your exercise routine, so that you can preserve your calories and gain some weight.

Sidharth Thakur