Are you fashion savvy?

While for some the art of dressing well comes in easy, there are others who find this task quite scary. It’s quite understandable because not each one of us is lucky enough to have an eye for fashion. Anyways unless you make efforts, you can never learn to dress up well but we will make this task easy by providing you with some guidance right here.

With the new social setting, the way one is treated by others is directly proportional to that person’s outward appearance. So if you want to be taken seriously and be respected, you need to dress well. A sloppy dresser is never treated seriously whether in his social circle or in his professional circle.

It’s a nice habit to keep reading lifestyle magazines and looking at photos in the magazines. There are always articles related to the latest in fashion, from where you can learn which dress is meant for which occasion. Also you will remain updated with what is the latest trend, be it office wear or party wear. Now, one golden rule is that don’t follow the film magazines since most actors and actresses are terrible dressers.

While most magazines will show only elite collection with a big price tag, you don’t have to buy the same clothes instead take up similar clothing within your budget range.

It is OK to be tempted by heavy discounts during sales, but that does not mean you can pick up anything and everything just because you’re getting a good discount. Shop smart and buy only those clothes which suit you well. If you’re not sure about what looks good on you, take your friend or your partner along with you to help you choose the right clothing.

While it is definitely safer to pick up complete dresses, but if you’re good with color coordination, you can pick up separate pieces to create a perfect ensemble. If you’re confused about the colors stick to some sober and neutral shades, as you can never go wrong with such colors.

And lastly whenever you go shopping for clothes, always buy your size only, and don’t ever compromise with a size bigger or a size smaller or you would simply be wasting your money.

Sidharth Thakur