Are Wide Leg Pants in Fashion?

Wide leg pants don’t look good on all people who wear them. I must say, very few people dare to wear them. These pants have never been much of a favorite for the runway girls or otherwise.

Yet these pants are regarded as the best among the 2011 trends in Fashion. Though the wide leg trousers are not a hot favorite of many, yet they are quite a rage in the 2010-2011 fashion trends. These pants when styled the right way and worn with the proper accessories, look best.

In case of Jeans that are wide legged, those that start being wide right from the top, they look baggy all the more. In 2011, the jeans are tighter in the thighs and they start getting flared later on. Remember bell bottoms of the nineties? This is more or less a take on that.

There are some other types of pants that are wide and in vogue. Those are the Palazzo pants and quite like the wide and flared trousers. These can be worn on an evening out or at a party. You can soak up the morning sun. The fabrics should be light, ones that drape well and also flow well. These could be in crepe or silk.

So when you are wearing pants that are wide legged, you should be wearing high heels as flats do not carry the pants well. A top that fits well or a blouse that is soft flowing works wonders with a belt at the waist that brings out the proper shape.

We well remember the seventies fashion with the wide pants and big hats that are floppy and wide clog or platform heels. You have to always pair off the wide paired trousers with big and high platform heels.

The hair fashion can be gelled and held at the back into an up-do or the hair can hang loose around your shoulders with the floppy hat adorning your crown. Jewelry could be minimal but a long chain and a slim bracelet could bring the extra zing to your look.