Are Breast Implants Safe?

beautiful-breasts A prosthesis used to enlarge the size of women’s breast is known as breast implant. This commonly performed cosmetic surgery is done for reconstruction of breasts or for various other cosmetic reasons.

But, there are a lot of controversies related to it. We need to categorize the pros and cons of the surgery and give you a clear idea about the security of the surgery. Read on for more.

Are They Safe?

The FDA approved of silicon gel implant in 2006 for women of age 22 or more. They have considered it “reasonably safe”. But many women undergoing silicon implants have graduated complications within 3 years of the surgery. Although, silicon implants by companies apart from “Inamed” and “Mentor” are considered to be risky.


Asymmetry: Asymmetry of breasts can occur soon after an implant. Variations in size of the breasts or nipples can crop up.

Rippling Skin: Wrinkling of skin might occur after an implant. The skin loses elasticity and ripples.


Boosting Self-Esteem: There are many women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts. They gain the lost self-confidence through a breast implant.

How Long Does Breast Implant Last?

It is difficult to predict how long will a breast implant last. Some doesn’t last more than a week or so and some last for years.

Do Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

Breast implants do not necessary cause breast cancer. It just hides the tumor. Though a tumor can be detected in a mammography but research says, mammograms rupture the implants. So, it is difficult to detect breast cancer in augmented breasts.

Doctors Check:

If you wish to undergo a breast implantation, make sure you get that done from a board-certified doctor.

The doctor might show you photographs of patients who have undergone the surgery. Always request him to show pictures of the patients after the surgery.

So if you are deciding on to go for a breast implant, you know which points to consider. It’s only safe if you delve deep into it and gather all information. Wish you a safe surgery!