Apply Your Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

Let’ face it – we don’t have enough time to wear our make up every morning. With the number of morning chores increasing everyday and not having enough time to sleep at night your morning make up routine takes a back seat. If you can relate with this then I have a 10 step plan that will help you to get ready and look like a diva in a matter of a few minutes.

You need to start your make up routine with a fresh and clean face. Here you have 2 options; you can either start your day my merely washing your face or you can shower quickly. This depends on your mood, the amount of time you have to spare and the season. Trust me; I understand if you don’t want to have a shower on a cold winter morning.

Now, once your face is clean you are ready to start your make up routine. The first thing that goes on your face is concealer. Don’t use it on your entire face but dab it on the spots and blemishes on your face. Blend it in with your skin to cover it up. After this stage is done your skin needs to look blemish free.

The next thing you need to do is apply foundation on your skin. Dot your face with the foundation and then blend it in with the help of make up sponges. Start from the inside and sweep the foundation outwards. This is an easy way to complete this step quickly. Sweep a loose powder on your face to make the foundation and concealer set in and blend with your skin.

The next thing to pay attention to is your eyebrows. Most women use pencils to darken their eyebrows however this tends to look artificial; especially if it is not done well. Instead of using a pencil you can use a powder. Brush it firmly with a flat brush.

Now that you are dealing with your eyes complete them by using an eye shadow, liner and mascara and your eyes are ready to dazzle.

Now, smile at yourself in the mirror. This will help you to locate the apples of your cheeks. Use a powder or cream blusher and blend it in with your skin.

The last thing to do is choose a lip color that suits your skin tone. You can chose to wear a lip gloss during spring and summer as they suit the trends of the season.

That’s it- your make up session is done and you are ready to head outdoors in style.

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