Applicability of Tools for Sporting a 1980s Makeup Look

The makeup style and the trend that were being followed during the 1980s period underwent a major change. The makeup styles and trends of the 1970s had a great downfall during the period of 1980s as vibrant and bright colors became popular. You will also notice that women of the 1970s era applied a lot of hand in makeup. If you want to create the 1980s look then lip glosses and eye shadows and the basic tools for a 1980s makeup look are required and desired.

Having Fun While Trying Out Colorful Ideas

A classic of the 1980s trends is the Fuchsia lips which are wild and colorful. You can apply eye shadow by yourself directly. The color of the eye shadow you apply should be in lieu with the color of your lipstick. You can create your own lipstick’s texture by mixing Vaseline with the shadow. This is one of the most important tools for a 1980s makeup look.

Knowing the Extreme 1980s Look

If you want to go to the extreme of the eighties then you will have to opt for a foundation shade much lighter than your natural skin tone. Along with raging faux lashes and neon orange eye shadow you should also opt for contrasting and stark black eyeliner. You should opt for colors which are inspired by rock star colors and does not have any limits or boundaries as their value lies in the shock factor. You can try out with a smoky eye in eighties blue and electric pink instead of your charcoal or usual brown. To make your brows look extra bushy you should always fill them up with the color of your choice. If you want to get a futuristic shine then you should use clear lip gloss.


If you want to sport a hairstyle of the 1980s then you are required to know the strategic part of the hairstyle you are planning to sport. The grunge look of the 1980s will surely inspire you a lot and will make you stand out from the rest. One of the tools for a 1980s makeup look is the hairspray. You will require a good amount of hairspray to sport the frizzy and teased up hair which was the main style of the 1980s. Another very popular hairstyle of the 1980s period was the mullet. You will find the hair of the eighties juxtaposition between the counter sexual glam rock and the natural look which was introduced in the 1970s.

You will find that in the 1980s the tousled centre parted long hair slowly became shorter and by the late eighties the hair progressively sculpted into statuesque proportions. One of the new tools for a 1980s makeup look was the mousse. The mousse is very effective in creating volume and in backcombing without giving the effect of a birds nest. While applying the mousse you need to understand the quantity of mousse that is required. Mousse is one of the most essential tools for a 1980s makeup look. You will find that the punk sub culture in the mid-eighties to be less shocking although the punk culture was an anarchic symbol. You will notice that the punk culture had a great influence on hairstyling and encouraged creativity positively.


Foundation form one of the most important tools for a 1980s makeup look. At first you will have to dot the foundation which is in liquid form onto your face. You will need to dampen the sponge in water and then use the sponge to spread the makeup completely on your face. You can repeat this procedure again until you get the desired results.

Eyes Makeup

You will need to create the makeup for your eyes. During the period of 1980s pastels and the bright colors were generally popular. You can select between pink, purple, green and blue eye shadow for your eyes base. You will require a darker color for the crease of your eyes. You need to apply the base of the eye shadow by yourself and use an angled brush to fill in the crease. The angled brush is one of the most helpful tools for a 1980s makeup look as you can blend two colors together. You can then finish up your eyes by using navy blue, gray and dark brown eyeliner to line your eyes. You should line the top as well as the bottom of your eyelids using the eyeliners. After you have completed applying the eyeliner, then you should use mascara in order to give emphasis on your lashes. Before applying the second coat you should check out whether the first coat has dried up or not.

The 1980s look is perfect which you can sport while listening to Bananarama or while you go to a party. It is not much difficult to achieve a perfect 1980s period makeup. The fashion of the 1980s era was mainly about bold accents, wild designs and bright colors. It is very important for you to allow the foundation to set down properly before you start applying your makeup. You can use powder brush and face powder to help the foundation to set in. You should apply the powder lightly on your face. If required, you can also apply more powder but removing excess powder is a difficult task.

This is one of the primary tools for a 1980s makeup look which you should take care of. Blush forms to be one of the vital tools for a 1980s makeup look. You should highlight your cheeks by applying blush after your foundation has settled down. If you get harsh lines on your face then you should apply face powder properly to conceal the harsh lines completely. Face powder is one of the most significant tools for a 1980s makeup look as face powder helps in blending away your harsh lines. In order to get the perfect that goes well with your costume, you can checkout several pictures of Brooke Shields, Cyndi Lauper or Madonna.