Aphrodisiac Foods

The term aphrodisiac can be referred to anything ranging from foods, drinks, herbs, any activity etc. which can lead to heightened sexual desire. A number of foods are known to increase your sexual desire when taken on a regular basis.

Such foods are known as aphrodisiac foods. A number of studies and researches have proved that certain foods help heighten yours sexual desire. It has been known for centuries and that is one reason why newly weds were showered with almonds as their wedding gifts in Egyptian culture. Likewise, certain cultures serve a full course meal with plenty of asparagus for the newly weds.

The purpose of these traditions are nothing but to increase the sexual desire of the couple. Now that this has come into limelight and these things are not secrets anymore, you can also use some of these foods to enhance your sex life. Aphrodisiac foods is a boon for people suffering from erectile dysfunction problems, premature ejaculation issues, low libido etc. Such people can include all sorts of aphrodisiac foods to their diet and get rid of all such problems.

Certain nuts like almonds etc. work really well to heighten your sexual desire. All you have to do is have a handful of almonds the first thing every morning. You can also choose to snack on some almonds whenever you feel like snacking, instead of picking a pack of fried and unhealthy chips.

The presence of high amounts of magnesium, fibers and vitamin E makes almonds the perfect aphrodisiac foods. We have been told to have plenty of fruits and vegetables form the time we were born. Most of us might have rebelled against constant nagging by our parents.

But they had a point as plenty of fruits and vegetables not only helps you stay fit but also helps increase your sex drive. Green leafy vegetables etc. work really well for the same. Asparagus, carrots, bananas, avocados, figs etc. are very good aphrodisiacs. Even garlic is known to contain certain compounds which enhances blood circulation and works really well to elevate your libido. It certainly might not seem like a very good idea because of the odor and smell. But it does work well in increasing your sexual desire.

Now you can have an ounce of dark chocolate few times a week without feeling guilty. This is because dark chocolate is known to elevate the levels of the feel good hormone of our body known as the serotonin. This helps increase libido and hence sexual desire. A teaspoon of honey is known to cure a number of ailments but it also enhances the testosterone levels in men. This hence helps attain better orgasms.

Having adequate amount of oysters are also known to work wonders for increasing your sexual desire. Apart from including these foods to your diet also ensure that you eat healthy and maintain ideal body weight. A study has shown that obese people have low sexual drive and hence you should shed those extra pounds for better sex life.