Antioxidants: What’s The Big Deal?

z In your search for anti-aging products, you must have come across several cosmetics which boast of containing anti-oxidants. Although, there is a lot of hype about cosmetics, containing anti-oxidants, as being the ultimate products for proper skin care and to fight wrinkles and fine lines, not many users actually know or understand what all this anti-oxidant talk is all about.

What do antioxidants do?

Antioxidants are naturally occurring compounds, found in vegetables, fruits, plants and some animal sources, which have an important role to play in the anti-aging process. Antioxidants work towards reducing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines by neutralizing the damaging free radicals.

Free radicals have been held responsible for causing damage to the collagen structure that supports the skin, which in turn leads to development of wrinkles and fine lines. Antioxidants not only neutralize and retard free radicals from causing damage to your skin; rather some of them, like vitamin C, are capable of synthesizing new collagen to rebuild the support structure for your skin.

Where to find them?

In the cosmetic industry, antioxidants extracted from green tea, aloe Vera and citrus fruits are commonplace. However, don’t go simply by what is written on the front side of the pack, and rather you must read, in detail, the list of ingredients to find out the actual percentage of these extracts present in the product. While a lot many products may boast of containing antioxidants, upon reading the ingredient list you will be shocked to see that these are present only in very-very mild traces. And that’s what usually differentiates an expensive cosmetic from a cheaper one.

Closing words

Applying cosmetics containing antioxidants is one way to feed your skin with these nutrients. The other best way is to consume foods containing antioxidants so that they are easily absorbed by your body and spread all over your body skin. Also, apart from laying attention on antioxidants, it pays to give some attention to essential fatty acids as they have a somewhat similar anti-aging effect, along side the loads of other health benefits they offer.

Sidharth Thakur