Ankle Boots for Women

Ankle length boots or booties as they are more commonly known are a must have fashion accessory in every girl’s closet. They can be paired with short skirts, skin tight jeans, leggings and short dresses for that sexy leggy look.

Ankle boots are available in a range of styles and heel sizes popular among them being the box heel ankle boots, flat ankle boots and the pencil heel ankle boots. The zip up style, lace up style and the slip in boots are by far the more popular ankle boot styles available. Here are some of the great ways in which you can wear ankle length boots.

Ankle length boots work great with short skirts and dresses. Pairing short boots with short skirts and dresses allow you to expose your legs and makes them look longer. Do not wear ankle length boots with mid calf or full skirts as the proportion can make the legs look quite stumpy. Avoid dresses extending below the knees as well.

Instead opt for low cut ankle length boots with short fitted dresses for a chic effect. For women who want to opt for a sexy look then teaming up ankle length boots with shorts is also a great idea.

Skinny jeans are in fashion and teaming up ankle length boots with these jeans can help you accentuate your legs. You can choose to tuck in the jeans inside your boots or just let it cover the boots. However remember that in the latter case the jeans can hide the beauty of your boots while tucking the jeans in the boots can give you a sleek, chic look. Also make sure you choose the right colors like black, red or brown for the chic look.

Ankle length boots also work quite well with leggings and tights especially those with monochromatic color. So slip on a tunic or dress and wear leggings underneath and accessorize with a good pair of ankle length for the classy effect. It is important to note that you should only opt for full length leggings as mid sized leggings can make you look stumpy and fat.

Parul Solanki