Analyzing Child Growth And Development In Early Years

Analyzing Child Growth And Development

Analyzing Child Growth And Development Parent’s biggest concern is the proper, healthy growth of the child. But how does one ensure whether the child is following developing the healthy way or not in day to day life.

Measures to Check Child Growth and Development

Weight Gain

By the end of the first year, weight gain should fall within the range of 2.5 – 3 times the birth weight. In case it is not, some other developing factors may be responsible like teething, mobility. Do not go by parameter of weight gain alone. Consider all other important factors too.

Activity Rate

Many kids are seen to have high activity rate but low weight gain. If the kid is active, happy being, do not fall sick often, the reason for low weight gain could be ruled out. An active child is playful all day long, pick up new things fast and usually picks up smooth running and speaking before the second birthday.


High mobility is a sign of healthiness. Walking, running child is full of energy, reaching to all corners of the house and grasping things is the landmark of good growth. At the same time, one have to be extra care to prevent this newly mobile, vulnerable child from falling prey to any accidents.


Many kids teething happens a little late but then usually it happens in fast manner than those in whom it begun early. During teething, a child is prone to infections and normally develops fever and diarrhea then can easily bring down the health. But since it is natural process, it passes by and child regains the weight later.

Sleep Pattern

Good sleep is as essential as food for a growing kid. More than amount of sleep, sleep pattern is all the more significant.

Child Growth And Development

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A child till two years should sleep at least 12 hours in a day and night sleep should be undisturbed extending to 9 – 10 hours of sleep. Less sleep once a while is fine but if it becomes a regular sleep pattern, then doctor advice is essential to improve the same.

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Food Intake

Though very important for kid’s developing apetite, yet has been seen to be the most troublesome task especially in the second year when the development gets little slow down. In 90% cases, kids become fussy eaters as they have their own mood swings, taste or sometimes shear stubbornness.

It certainly affects the weight gain and the only way out is making exciting new recipes that looks colorful and yummy in spite of being healthy. Fruits usually bring a healthy solution for such fussy eaters; try including fruits more in the home food preparations like fruit shakes, fruit custards, and fruit salads. If the food intake factor alone is the cause of concern, rest all parameters are fine then still the child is developing a healthy way.

Only, in case, more than two above factors are of concern, it becomes a real worrisome situation and immediately the pediatrician consultation is needed to enable better child growth and development. These regular checks and little, careful efforts will bring flourishing rewards in the development of your child.