An Overview Of Trendy Eyewear

girl-sunglasses Eyewear is a general term utilized for items used as eye accessory – for eye vision support, protection of eyes against ultra violet sunrays, or as an accessory for style or fashion statement.

Eyewear can be divided into two specific categories irrespective of its use – as eyesight improvement equipment or as fashion accessory.

Eyeglasses are made of one pair of lenses set within a frame for eyes and made for vision correction or improvement of visibility. Often eyeglasses becomes a part of a person’s identity.

Many frame companies these days have accredited boutique shops where the frame is made in such a way that it matches the latest fashion and face type of a particular individual. These type of frames are called designer frames.

Designer frames are in high demand nowadays because fashion conscious people prefer to use specs not as a mere medical equipment but as a prime style accessory.

Contact lenses are made of thin plastic or glass lenses that are worn under the eyelids and are fitted on the upper surface of cornea. Contact lenses are usually used for the purpose of improvement of eye vision.

However, some people even use contact lenses to change their eye color. A wide variety of contact lenses are available in the market, which includes color contact lenses, therapeutic lenses, as well as disposable contact lenses – every category having a price range different from the other

Sunglasses are used for protection of eyes from sunrays and it is the most commonly used item as a fashion accessory. Trendy sunglasses are generally made of polycarbonate whereas the quality sunglasses are made of glass.

These glasses are treated with some metallic oxide pigments and are made compatible for absorption or reflection of light upto a certain frequency. Sunglass frames are mainly made of plastic or of metal.  There are different international brands for sunglasses that you can select from. Sunglasses are sold around the world based on their brands rather than their individual looks.

So, pick an eyewear of your choice and make a fashion statement this summer!