An Oceanic Theme For Your Bedroom

ocean-theme-bedroom There surely aren’t very many people who do not get fascinated by the deep blue sea, and if you’d like to carry this fascination into your bedroom, here’s how you can give your bedroom an oceanic touch. It is one timeless decor scheme, and has both a calming and an exciting element to it.

Creating the perfect backdrop

Your walls are going to serve as a backdrop, and so you need to get them done in blue so as to create that undersea realm. There’s a wide range of shades that you can pick and choose from, however sticking to a shade that is as close as possible to the deep blue color of the sea is what you need. In case you’re confused between two or three shades, you can always collect the samples from the paint store and carry out some patch test on the walls. And in case you have a partner, do take his consent on the shade, because after all the two of you would be living in that room.

Once you’re done with painting the walls, you can get your doors and windows done in white. White color on the woodwork helps in giving a good contrast to the deep blue walls and it also goes wonderful with the overall oceanic theme.

To go one step further, with your oceanic theme, get some undersea vegetation painted on the bottom one third of one of the walls. Next you can have some fishes painted, here and there, to make the wall look like an aquarium.

Furniture and Accessories

Instead of going in for the regular decoration pieces, get a good assortment of sea shells and conches to be used all over the room. Also you can get hold of some ship models, anchors and such other marine stuff. You can also put up paintings of the sea, the ships, or the undersea life. Fishing net is a wonderful piece to complete the looks, and you can just hang it on some wall or drape it around the corner.

Sidharth Thakur