An Effective Way To Pimple-Cure

pimple Ever wondered why your child becomes so very pimple prone by the time he or she starts attending the school. These pimples become very difficult to control and also they are extremely recurrent returning after a certain days interval and they increase.

Most of the times they are very difficult to cure and may even leave dark spots and holes in the skin if not treated properly. One of the best ways to fight pimples is to fight the root cause of the pimples. You have to first know why pimples occur again and again.

First of all by the time the child attends the school she is forced to take a huge amount of pressure. According to the scientist the stress ad the tension increases the androgen production in the body and due to this hormone the skin becomes so very pimple prone.

Another reason is quite well known ad that is improper cleaning. Most of the times the pores get clogged with dust and oil and as a result they get attacked by bacteria. Thy in turn cause infection and worsen the situation. So cleaning the skin in order to make is healthy and immune to pimples is the best way out. But how do one clean the skin properly.

Most of the skin experts suggest that skin should be cleaned with mild cleansers and face washes. In the case of pimples scrubbing over the pimples may turn out to be quite harmful. It may give rise to more dead skin blocking the pores and thus resulting to more pimples. So according to them mild cleansers are the best. Also in order to keep pimples at bay you can also use creams and medicines containing Benzoic Peroxide that helps in drying of the pimples and also prevents bacterial attacks.