“An Apple A day” – Nutritional Facts About Apples

diet-for-healthy-skin The proverb “an apple a day” keeps the doctor away is an intelligent statement with a deeper meaning. We should be able to understand the nutritional facts behind eating an apple.

Apple has a lot of hydrating element in it as it is eighty three per cent water. A small apple gives you 60 calories but larger apples can give you 100 calories.

Apples are free of fat and sodium and they don’t contain protein at all. They do have a lot of carbohydrates which comes from the sugar content and fiber content in the apples. The apple will not contain the same blood sugar levels to rise as normal sugar would, of course.

So why should we take apples at all? I guess it is because of the fiber content in the apples. The fiber is also located in the skin of the apples so that when you peel the skin off you would rob the apple of all the important nutrients. Quercetin is a very important substance present in the apple’s skin and it is a form of antioxidant that has proved to boost the cells of the brain and save brain from brain damage.

What more can you have of apples? Well, apples help in lowering bad cholesterol levels. They contain phytochemicals and flavonoids that help protect the colon and the lungs. They help in maintaining the bones and also protect the heart by their strong folic content. In short, apples give you a stronger heart.

Apples also help in protecting decay. Dentists would like you to eat a lot of apples for healthy teeth and gums. Apples also contain tannins that would help you to fight gum disease and plaques. The next time you eat an apple that you would be driving away bacteria from your teeth. Chewing the apple would essentially bring in a lot of saliva into the mouth which in turn helps in preventing tooth decay.

The apple is a wonder fruit and the nutritional facts about apples are quite promising. So it would be intelligent to include this fruit in your daily health plan.