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Makeup Makeup is an essential aspect of every modern woman’s daily routine. Very few women feel confident to step outside their home without any makeup on. This is because makeup adds a proper polish to our look and dresses us up just like the way we put on good clothes for outdoors. The main objective of makeup is more than just looking good.

Proper makeup implies that your weaknesses will be well covered and the strengths will be accentuated look wise. Therefore, you get an extra boost of confidence whenever you step outside. However, makeup if used in wrong ways then all the efforts will go into vain as the effect can be very disappointing. It is therefore very important that you understand how to use makeup in proper ways by learning about the common makeup mistakes to be avoided and the makeup tips and tricks to be embraced.

Common Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your natural beauty is one of your most precious assets and makeup endeavors to enhance your natural beauty. Makeup mistakes however often lead to make you look overdone thereby robbing you from the grace of natural beauty. Makeup should be used wisely so that it doesn’t become obvious that you are using makeup.

Using too much powder or blush in the wrong ways are grave makeup mistakes. These can make you look badly overdone and sometimes even make the skin look dry and rough.

Makeup Tips


Selecting the right tones and colors that suit your skin and complexion are very important. Overdoing the lips with too much color can simply look funny. Understand the difference between makeup for daytime and evening time. During the day use more subtle and earth tones while for the evening or for special occasions you can definitely deck up much more without any possible harm. Just use makeup wisely in the right amounts at the right places.

Another grave mistake is that if the foundation doesn’t blend properly with your skin color and stands out. Select the proper foundation for yourself. Using too light or too dark tones can also spoil your look. Understand the skin color change according to seasonal changes and adjust the foundation color accordingly. It may require some trial and error but there isn’t any harm in trying out to find out what works best for you.It is also very important to take proper care of your skin and removing the makeup properly before going to bed.

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Easy Makeup Tips and Tricks

Makeup tips and tricks come handy to achieve that perfect look without looking overdone. We can use these to maintain makeup for longer periods and keep looking fresh.

You should clean your face properly before applying makeup. Apply some moisturizer thoroughly over your face and neck. Then apply some concealer wherever necessary to cover up flaws. The concealer should be a shade lighter than your skin color.

Apply foundation by using your palm evenly so that it blends with your skin color and doesn’t stand out anywhere. Dab a bit of foundation over the eyelids before applying eye makeup. Apply some translucent powder over the cheeks with a soft brush.  Apply blush higher on your cheek bones.

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